Good therapy is, for me, about supporting the emerging growth of the self. I believe that the relationship between client and therapist is the crucible through which transformation takes place; that relationship must include trust, caring and empathic regard in order for the journey to be valuable. You will find that I am an experienced, insightful, warm, and compassionate psychotherapist. I specialize in helping people resolve relationship issues, addictions, eating disorders, trauma, depression, and anxiety.

I offer tools to help you develop coping skills to handle difficult situations and navigate through stressful life transitions. I teach techniques to assist in effective communication, boundary setting, stress management, and conflict resolution. I help my clients to manage difficult emotions, overcome negative thinking, develop self-esteem, and create loving relationships.

I provide individual, couples, and family therapy in New York City. 

Feel free to contact me for a 15-minute no-fee consult.

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